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  • Je vous fais une offre, le propriétaire de ce site spitoff . Si vous souhaitez travailler avec nous, nous vous offrons 4 000 dollars pour 1 000 vues

  • Did anyone ever thought about his own life endpoint. Like whatever I do I keep thinking like is this the end, am I gonna die after like 2h or so, is this the last gathering... things like that. I'm scared or what death but I can't help myself think this shit over and over, I mean is that depression ??

  • I have leukemia. I decided to not go with the commun treatment. I'm a herbal meds expert and I'll try to make it on my one, if I ever make it I'll come back here and tell you guys if not then pray for me and my soul to rest in peace please!!

  • I wanna say that I love life, I just don't like mine. I'm tired and just want peace. I know that I have to stand out for my rights and my happiness but it's hard and sad when it's against your close ones. The path is hard and tiring and not doing anything is even more tiring. I don't wanna die or disappear I want be happy and live my life to the fullest.

  • Hello, I'm Heather, from Norwich, England. I'm currently on a tourist holiday in New Delhi, India. Anyone from home who might be interested in gathering and meeting, I usually come to this Lota cafe near the Akshardham. I go there every Monday evening. I hope to see you soon.

  • I'm a 41 year old man who hangs out with 17 18 19 years old dudes because I feel like I'm 17 or so I keep telling my wife that they are my student because for a reason I feel like a perve

  • To the owner of this page: You have no idea how much I looked for a place where I can just fucking say it without being known I have been physically abused by my husband and his friends for a year now. I married this cunt 2 years ago and it was really heaven like at first. My mom kept refusing him and said that he had something evil in his smile, gaze and everything around him but I didn't bother to even think about it. He was disrespecting and forceful at time but I blamed it on stress and his job, his exes where hoes but I somehow thought he was a good man though. Think wisely girls!!

  • There's something I wanted to share. I went to my husband's grave once, who was my boyfriend since 7th grade, a fiance of 2 years and a husband of 4 years I loved him so much I regularly go to visit his grave and pray for him. But today a strange thing actually happened, I felt worm and it's not the weather but like the warmth of his arms. He died 3 years ago and for the first time I felt like he was with me I can't explain I just felt happy and in his arms. I'm still crying

  • Today I decided to give it my last try, if it doesn't work then Imma stop everything and just move on

  • IT's not fair to judge her and it's her body anyways

  • to that pregnant one: you should've thought about it before. Sex gives you babies for Chris sake. When you Fuck you Fucking Assume ....

  • I just found out I'm pregnant and I CANNOT keep it and now it's not legal to take it down I'm going mad right now

  • I'm a gamer too dude what you play?

  • I contacted you some days back seeking your cooperation in a matter regarding funds worth $24 Million, I urge you to get back to me through this email [email protected] if you're still interested. I await your response. Thanks, Donald Cole

  • Who play any vidéo game send the name of thé game and his name or id

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