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  • Once I robbed 5 milka

  • So this morning I broke the face of a Guy cause he searched trouble with me

  • Ah okay you wanna here what problems we made

  • From what I read in this page people are suffering, everyone has a problem everyone is deceived but none talked about their shit, how they fucked up people how thy hurt others how they created chaos and troubles.

  • I hope people will be able to uderstand us and change some of their manners. Thank you

  • Hello Eh I just want to say that some people have a very bad behaviour this morning

  • I met my crush after 6 years from leaving town we had a chat for a bit and it turns out she has a kid and living her best days, she told me while joking that she had a crush on me but didn't want to tell me because I was a fuck boy she didn't just want to bang and move on but she kept loving me for over 2 years after highschool. Guess what I've been in love with her since day one I've seen her and I didn't want her for the exact same reason. I moved out found a job cleaned my body and got my shit together and now that felt decent enough to get closer to her again I got news slap lol. I'm dumb!

  • Life is really really short people I just lost my best friend to Lymphoma. We had plans to go to Bali with my other friend and his wife, but they waited for me since last summer. I was busy with bullshit and could always come up with excuses, I feel terrible now that his mom told me he was so excited for the Bali trip next month, when I have already prepared another excuse. I wish we did it. Love you buddy and RIP Rick.

  • My teacher is not a good person

  • One day I will fuck off the shit of many pesons Who hated me while I used to do my best for them

  • I'm tired

  • My crazy ex called my new boyfriend and said that I was gay and that all I do with guys is making them pay for the gifts and dates .....I mean !!

  • I set my bird free yesterday, I love him and came and grow attached to him, but I figured that I was bad for him even if he'd like me a bit the fact I had him into that cage would make him hate me for the rest of his life. I love you Fairy to the moon and back and I hope you have a healthy beautiful life

  • Ill start with the game, mu hit of the moment: Only love can hurt like that

  • What do you say if we gonna playing game in this web like one give an music clip and the others continue if you like it the next one say (yes ^_^)

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