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  • I have a 1000$ debt and I can't even pay my next rent that's my confession

  • I might or might not have called the cops to stop a neighbor's barbecue party because I wasn't invited. That was lame so I acted repulsively and I am sorry and ashamed of it.

  • Let's try this website out

  • Can the owner get rid of these links here and by the way it's just like secret reveling youtube videos but you'll have to write not original but cool thought.

  • I'm embarrassed of my parents and I know I shouldn't be but I get teased a lot and sometimes bullied too. I have gay parents and I know there's nothing wrong with it but still I would prefer to have normal straight parents. Besides everybody asks me about my real father and I really want to know too but my mom says it's not gonna happen because we would lose this relationship that they built for me. Honestly I don't care and when I'm 18 I'm gonna find him and ask to live with him maybe he is normal and has a girlfriend or a wife like real family tbh.

  • It's my birthday today and nobody cared. I have the worst family and friends.

  • I found this website on Reddit. The thing I already like about this website is that it's legit. You can really not find out who wrote anything. For us, known people and celebrities even if we get a fake account it would still be busted someday but here I can even deliver news too I tried once and it's out there with nobody knowing it was me. This website will witness some real spit. I have plenty of people to uncover, details to tell and even events to share. I love you all either a fan, a hater or even someone who doesn't give a damn. Stay tuned Haha.

  • I had a tinder date two months ago and one of the questions he asked me was if I watch adult movies. I said no and that was grosse and disgusting and he agreed. The truth is that I watch them once in a while like rarely though. We kinda clicked and started dating after the second date. Yesterday I happen to have a popup from a website I visited and I clicked. When I was scrolling down the feeds and new videos, guess who was the male actor? my supposed to be clean and innocent boyfriend like what are the odds right? and it's not a five six videos he's got a portfolio.

  • This website is cool

  • nono

  • I hate my best friend, she's a bitch for real. She thinks she's better than me and that she allows me to be her company because she's nice but anyone else LIKE HER wouldn't? well guess what Ayhan I hang out with you because you pay for all the shit you miserable butthole.

  • I don’t want to last another year with my bf. Throughout the on and off relationship for 3 years he’s always cheated on me. I took him back 3 times already, but the reason why is because I’m filling in a void from loosing my dad. I can’t look at pictures of my dad let alone visit him at the cemetery and I’m not sure why. I was always seeking to get my dads attention but never felt like I did. I’m not sure how to break off the relationship. I’m scared the void will cause me to seek something worse or change me to someone I wouldn’t want to be.

  • I saw my tennis coach kissing my mom..mom is still married to my dad. It's been two days and it's eating me alive.

  • This site need one service like comnetary in this texte

  • I gave up my daughter to social services when I was 21 in college. I'm 34 and I can't get over it, I kept wondering if she would ever try to find me but then I say that if it was me I would never look for someone like that who throw me away right? I'm going crazy!!

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