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  • I saw my tennis coach kissing my mom..mom is still married to my dad. It's been two days and it's eating me alive.

  • This site need one service like comnetary in this texte

  • I gave up my daughter to social services when I was 21 in college. I'm 34 and I can't get over it, I kept wondering if she would ever try to find me but then I say that if it was me I would never look for someone like that who throw me away right? I'm going crazy!!

  • I'm dating my superviser for 6 years now and everyone in the office knows about us. I discovered that he was married to another colleague who worked in the same department as mine. It gets better, she has always wanted me to break up with me when we talk, cause we became kinda close. The thing is nobody told me. I feel like a dumb

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  • I have to admit it I read couple things here and I can just say that people are fucked up here like WTF!!

  • A message for the girl who found a man here...how? no contact at all

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  • My life story takes more than this box

  • I just wanna say this to my husband, I'm sorry but I accepted to be with you just because I knew you'd never cheat on me as I'm way oit of your league

  • I just found this website of reddit who's too?

  • I had the weirdest day a month ago. I broke into a house, no need for details and found 4 dead goats buried in mug I can sill feel weird something didn't seem normal something felt wrong scary and even evil. Now I hope whoever lives there didn't find out about it or me

  • I went to my boyfriend's brother house, I didn't know until I got there at a party, it turn he is my ex. I dated him in middle school, for about a month or so I mean we were all young and all. Now he said his family wants to meet me, I don't wanna make things awkward but telling him is not the greatest thing to do either

  • I think the worst thing I did was burning some papers and putting it in my mom's ashes urn and she still says hi to it daily thinking it is still my grandma's. The best or worst part is that the pages were from the bible so it would at least be closer to God and more spiritual. I hate myself for doing it but I wouldn't dare tell her that I broke it when I had my friends over for drinks. I'm 14 lol.

  • do not think twice spit off now!

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